Virgin Media down: Broadband outage hits thousands working from home

Virgin Media appeared to suffer an outage this morning, leaving thousands of customers working remotely without broadband.

The broadband operator had not acknowledged the issue by 10.15am on Twitter despite a flood of angry complaints from customers.

Downdetector, a website that records outages by tracking social media mentions, registered a surge of complaints of Virgin Media issues from 9.43am.

It tracked almost 10,000 complaints by 10.14am with the entirety of London appearing to be affected.

Paulius B tweeted Virgin Media to say: “Broadband not working in London for the past hour. People need to work from home, unacceptable. Sort your house out.”

And Chino Tenn expressed his frustration with the broadband provider for not addressing the situation on Twitter.

“Still nothing on their twitter TL [timeline]. Their social media managers must double-hat as technical /security configuration specialists,” he said.

Virgin Media did reply to one customer to apologise for the broadband outage issues. The company advised they call 0800 561 0061 for local area updates.

Virgin Media

The telecom company’s official status page failed to load results for customers trying to check their local broadband connection.

Jayne, from Solihull, spelled out the problems for remote working Brits trying to join office meetings while Virgin Media’s outage continues.

“Down in Solihull too, working from home is fun been tethered to my phone on teams calls all day!!! It’s a nightmare!”

Tim Plumb suggested workers take a few hours off, even if it means a longer working day.

“If anyone wants me while Virgin Media is down I’ll be in the garden with a cold drink. Looks like half the country will be working late tonight,” he said.

Others chimed in with some light-hearted reactions.

The company did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

More to follow.

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