WATCH: Platinum Mike Perry goes on bizarre post-fight rant

On Saturday night, the UFC’s “Platinum” Mike Perry defeated Mickey Gall at UFC Vegas 4. After the bout, Perry still had the adrenaline flowing as he went on a wild post-fight rant about everything from the social media haters to the IRS.

Following his defeat of Gall, Perry was asked about what the rest of the year holds for him career-wise. Instead, Perry took the interview in a very different direction as he pleaded with the government to stop asking to take so much of his paycheck every year.

“I gotta pay some bills and pay some debts,” Perry said. “I gotta talk to the tax folk, and see if we can run that number down because I believe I paid out over $100,000 last year between a couple different countries. Now they’re trying to hit me again at the end of the year. It’s almost like I don’t even fight for a minimum wage sometimes. Look, I ain’t trying to be one of these guys asking for more money. I’m not. I’m asking for the government to stop taking so much of this … Maybe we put something in the contract that’s like when Platinum gets paid, the taxes get paid. That’s my money. Don’t give me money if you don’t want me to spend it. Then you’re gonna come back and ask me for some later. That don’t make no sense. I’m trying to wild out, bro. I need mai tais on the beach.”

Earlier in the interview, Perry called out everyone who doubted him before the fight. He said that his haters and doubters wouldn’t want any part of him, in the octagon or otherwise.

“Y’all are gonna take the credit away from me anyways, but all y’all were picking him,” Perry said. “Maybe not all, but there were a good percentage of people and 100 percent of y’all was talking that mess online. They were picking him, and I won. So now don’t take it away from me and say that I fought somebody with inexperience. He’s got way more experience than any one of you in the street got. None of you guys want it in the street or in the octagon.”

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