We Were ALL Lied To – Daisy Ridley Confirms it

Daisy Ridley was asked if Palpatine was always her relative. No, it was not.
The utter lack of care and direction regarding the sequel trilogy has me beyond bothered. I found it hard to find my words in this first time reaction and realization that we’ve really truly been all lied to regarding everything.

The Mandalorian is all I have to look forward to.
With Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni behind Star Wars, there is hope. As far as the sequels go, they’re no longer in my timeline of Star Wars canon.

I don’t think the actors should ever be to blame. Neither should the writers and directors. You can’t expect them to understand Star Wars. The higher ups who sign off on such a thing, especially when appointed by George Lucas like KK was, should have put her foot down and really course corrected things.

Everything is so messed up, and the final nail is in.
I hope things continue under Favreau. He is a new hope.

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