When quarantine-free travel announcement is expected from the UK government

The government is soon expected to unveil the list of countries on its new traffic light travel system.

A traffic light system will decide which nations are safe to travel to, with those classed as green or amber available to holidaymakers.

Britons holidaying in “green” or “amber” countries will not have to self-isolate for 14 days when they get back.

But people returning from countries in the ‘red’ zone would need to self-isolate.

Since 8 June, most passengers arriving into the UK (excluding a few exceptions) have been required to provide an address where they would be staying and quarantine for 14-days.

This rule was heavily criticised by some for further damaging the already struggling air travel industry. 

The UK Government is understood to still be in air bridge talks with France, Spain, Italy and Germany.

This would mean UK travellers could go abroad, without any need to quarantine at their destination or when they travel back home.

When will the air bridges be announced?

On 29 June Transport Secretary Grant Shapps released a statement confirming the government’s plans to ease the health measures at the UK border.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps is expected to make an announcement on travel this week

He said further details would be announced later this week, including a list of countries from which arriving travellers would be exempt from the 14 day quarantine.

This list is expected to include popular travel destinations including France and Spain.

The FCO travel advice will also be reviewed this week.

What’s the difference between air bridges and the traffic light system?

Air bridges are a reciprocal agreement between two countries – people will be able to travel between the two without having to quarantine at either side.

Air bridges are expected to be formed with countries based on their coronavirus risk factor.

With the traffic light system, the British government will provide a list of ‘amber’ and ‘green’ countries that Brits can travel to without having to self-isolate when they arrive back home.

However, no agreement has been made with the countries on the list, and they may decide to quarantine Brits on their arrival – or ban them altogether.

The announcements this week are expected to cover air bridges, and reveal which countries are on the ‘amber’ and ‘green’ lists.

Currently the official advice still advises against all non-essential travel, but this too is being reviewed by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and alterations are expected later this week. 

The move will allow Brits to holiday abroad this summer, and hopes to kick start the travel and tourism industry that has suffered under current lockdown measures and travel restrictions.

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